SES Podcast on Animal Suffering and Death

I recently sat down with Eric Gustafson from Southern Evangelical Seminary to discuss the topic of my dissertation: the problem of animal suffering. Eric has been my friend for years now, and I had a great time going back and forth with him discussing the question of why God allows animal death and suffering. In the podcast, we talk about the steps my argument takes in my book Thomism and the Problem of Animal Suffering. So, we discuss topics like the nature of pain, the nature of non-human animal minds, and the question of why God made a world that contains animal death. We also talk about something that Eric is highly interested in, which is the biblical debate over whether God allowed animal death before the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Here is a link to the podcast: Animal Death: A Chat with Dr. Kyle Keltz

If you enjoy the podcast or have any questions, feel free to let me know in a comment or email.

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